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Digital monocular stereo microscope XDM500 features unique optical system, precise mechanism, great depth of field and high resolution, which is a regular microscope for extensive range of application. XDM500 is easy to operate with high verification efficiency, suitgable for inspection of electrtonic inudustry production line, verification of printed circuit board, inspection of weld defect and so on. It can be used not only for microscope observation, but also for photograph, recording and edit, save and print images on PC.




  • Integrated 5 megapixel High definition CMOS camera

  • Plug and play USB 2.0 connection

  • Excellent optical system with continuous zoom objective lens 0.7X~5X

  • High magnification 365X zoom

  • Dedicated measurement software Pixit Pro

  • Speicial designed incident illumination coax light


Optional Model:


  • XDM503  (integrates USB 2.0 MDX503)

  • XDM505  (integrates USB 2.0 MDY503)

  • XDM500-W (integrates WiFi Camera MC500-W)

Digital Monocular Stereo Microscope XDM500

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XDM500 Diagram

XDM500 Configurations


Special designed incident illumination coax light

Normal microscope ring light

See more details with XDM500

XDM500 integrates a built-in incident illumination coax Led light. Thanks to this special designed light resource, we can see more details.

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