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L3030 reflected and transmitted microscope is suitable to observe surfaces of non-transparent object or transparent object. It is equipped with vertical illuminator, plan achromatic objectives with long working distance (no cover glass), wide-field eyepieces and set polarizer device in trinocular. It provide clear and high-contrast image, beautiful sculpt,convenient control, etc. It is the ideal instruments in research work in biology, metallography, mineralogy, precision engineering, electronics, etc. It is suitable for scientific research, teaching demonstration in the colleges and factory.




  • Long working distance (no cover glass) plan achromatic objectives and wide-field eyepieces

  • Coaxial coarse/fine focus system, with tensional adjustable and up stop, minimum division of fine focusing: 2μm.

  • With vertical illuminator and transmitted illuminator, can observe surfaces of non-transparent object or transparent object

  • 6V 20W halogen lamp, brightness adjustable

  • Trinocular, can switch to observe normally or to observe the Polarize, can send 100% of light to the binocular eyepieces or to the top port


Metallurgical Microscope L3030

L3030 diagram
L3030 dimensions
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