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Announcement of Dinscontinued Product

September 21, 2015, Guangzhou

Dear Valued Customer,


We hereby announce that 6 models of microscope camera are being discontinued. As this might cause inconvenience on your side, we would like to ask for your understanding regarding this discontinuance.


1. Product affected

MDX300, MDX500, MDX1000, MDX1400, MDY201, MDY501, Pixit Series

Note: Pixit series microscope camera will not be provided to end-users any more. The housing will be changed from square to hexagon as the stock sold out.


2. Reason for the discontinuation

Lower customer demand and redundant product offer does not benefit Lanoptik to maintain manufacturing resources and the services relating to subject products.


3. Last Time Buy (LTB) ConditionsA

LTB orders are non-cancellable and non-returnable.


4. End of support for subject products

Last date of LTB order acceptance: 30 November, 2015

Last shipments date by Lanoptik: 31 March, 2016


5. Support

Recommended alternative products are as follows,

OLD                                        NEW

MDX300                                MDX303

MDX500                                MDX503

MDX1000                              MDX1003

MDY201                                MDY303

MDY501                                MDY503

MDY1400                              MDY1003/MDY1401


LTB orders and any questions or requests should be directed through email to

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