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XPL-1600 transmitted polarized light microscope is configured for asbestos fiber counting and meets the NIOSH 7400 & OSHA ID 160 requirements. It is suitable for Polarized Light Microscope Methods for Identifying and Quantitating Asbestos in Bulk Samples.




  • Unstressed Plan Achromatic Objective:10X, 20X, 40X

  • Dipersion-staining Objective: 10X

  • Transmitted Light

  • Equipped with strain-free plan objectives(center adjustable) and wide field eyepiece

  • Coaxial coarse/fine focus system with tensional adjustable and up stop, minimum division of fine focusing: 2μm and with tightener stage vertical effective movement up to 30mm



PLM Asbestos Microscope XPL-1600

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10X Dipersion-stainning Objective
XPL-1530 diagram
XPL-1530 dimensions


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