The HD-VGA200 is designed for grabbing high definition image directly by the display device (CRT, LCD, Projector etc.) via VGA port. HD not only scores points thanks to 5x resolution compared to the video image. The 16:9 HD format is also the perfect adaptation for the human eye. 

HD-VGA200 displays 60 high-resolution frames per second, without latency. The colors are displayed with perfect precision.
It is a perfect choice for pathology, histology, industrial inspection and quality control.


  • Features:

    • Connects directly to your LCD or plasma computer monitor, DLP or LCD projector, or CRT computer monitor.
    • No software is needed - you will view a live image on the screen.
    • Capture images without a PC - includes 8G SD/USB card.
    • Includes power cable, capture cable.
    • C-mount connection to your microscope.
    • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 @ 60fps; Pixel size: 3.0um x 3.0um.
    • Support high-definition photos transfer to computer via WIFI (optional, Model HD-VAG200W).
    • Built-in crosshair graphic: up to 8 straight adjustable lines, 6 colors.
    • Support OSD display, all OSD functions could be adjusted according to the navigation key.


    Packing List:

    XGA camera 1x
    Power Adapter 1x
    8G SD USB Card 1x