iWorks FX is the outstanding microscope software for auto counting, particle analysis and fluorescence multi-channel merge. It is a good choice for high-end biological specialist and users of metallurgical analysis

All functions of iWorks LT are included in iWorks FX.

iWorks FX - Particle Analysis

  • Features:

    - Including all functions of iWorks LT
    - Auto Calibration
    - Auto Count/ Measure objects
    - Auto edge detection
    - Z Stack (stereo-multi-focus)
    - Particle size analysis
    - Backgournd correction
    - Object editing/ Sorting with limit value
    - Automatic Calibration with interactive level marker
    - Progressed AOI (Area of Interest) Manager
    - Highly developed Fluorescence manager
    - Pre-defined dye list
    - Image tiling
    - Multi-focus (Extended Depth of Focus)


    Packing List:

    Software Installation CD 1x
    USB Dognle iWorks FX 1x