iWorks M is a comprehensive microscope software for material analysis. Including particle analysis, grain size analysis, cast iron analysis, non-metallic inclusion rating, rust grade analysis, phase analysis etc, It is a perfect metallurgical software which can support your work and make workflows more efficient.

iWorks M - Software for Material Analysis

  • Features:

    - Including all functions of iWorks FX
    - Extended measurement tools
    - Custom Macro
    - Auto Edge Detecting Tools
    - Extended Image Tilling, Multi-Focus
    - Grain Size Measurement
    - Cast Iron Analysis
    - Non-metallic Inclusion Rating Analysis
    - Rust Grade Analysis
    - Phase Analysis
    - Z Stack (stereo-multi-focus)
    - Particle size analysis


    Packing List:

    Software Installation CD 1x
    USB Dognle iWorks M 1x