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XTM series monocular zoom microscopes, they have long working distance, clear and smooth image quality, convenience operation etc. They can be used for inspection of electro-industry product line and printed circuit board




  • Standard C mount design, connecting the camera directly.

  • Digital & video camera, CCD camera and photography eyepiece can be chosen.

  • XTM-1 series are equipped with outside rotating optical body.

  • XTM-2 series are equipped with inside rotating optical body,  annular LED illumination can be chosen.

  • Objective range of zoom magnification 0.7X~4.5X.


Optional Model:


  • XTM-1

  • XTM-2

Stereo Microscope XTM Series

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XTM diagram
XTM dimensions

XTM-2 Series Configurations

XTM-1 Series Configurations

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