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Microscope Illuminator

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LED Fiber Optic Illuminator S3000



  • High power output, body cooling design, longer life

  • High brightress LED chip, special focus system

  • Less than 15W power comsumption

  • AC or DC power supply

  • Smaller body and side fix slot design

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LED Fiber Illuminator

72 LEDs Microscope Ring Light with Quadrants



  • Intensity Adjustment, Good Variable Control Permit Gradual Increase in Brightness with Four-zone Lighting Control Separately

  • Low Power Consumption, Super Brightness

  • Metal Shell, ESD and insulativity

  • Reasonable Design, Uniformity Light, Non-flicker & Shadow

  • 72 LED chips, light control box, DC12V power supply

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4 Split LED Ring Light

Compact 4 split LED illumination can simulate different lighting environments for a better observation. Light intensity can be easily optimized for any glossy samples or specimens.


  • 72 High Intensity LEDs

  • Sectional lighting control: 4 parts

  • Brightness adjustable

  • 60.5mm inner diameter

  • Power supply: AC 100 – 265v, 50/60Hz

  • Lamp Life: 10,000 hours

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Microscope LED Ring Light

LED ring light for stereo microscope or macroscope. Low energy consumable and durable LED provide suitable transmission or reflection. LED lighting has been proved to reproduce real color without affecting specimen by its excess of color temperature proving longer lifetime and low energy cost.

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