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L3230/L3230BD/L3230DIC series upriht metallurgical microscopes are suitable to observe surface of opaque object or transparent object. They are equipped with UIS optical system and modularization function design so that provited excellent optical quilatity and operation performance, update system expediently and provided observation in reflected or transmitted and mixed illumination, polarizing observation, dark field observation. They are the ideal instrument in research work in biology, metallography, mineralogy, precision engineering, electronics, ect.




  • UIS optical system and modularization funciton design

  • Ergonomic design, low location of coaxial focus system

  • Long working distance (no cover glass) and wide-field eyepieces

  • Complete optional accessories


Optional Model:


  • L3230

  • L3230BD

  • L3230DIC

Metallurgical Microscope L3230

L3230 Diagram
L3230 Dimensions

L3230BD Configurations

L3230 Configurations

L3230DIC Configurations

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