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ICM-100/100BD Industrial inspection microscopes are suitable to observe surfaces structure and geometry of workpiece. It is equipped excellent UIS optical system and modularization function design so that update system expediently and achieved polarization, dark field observation. Lift or down the optical and illumination unit along the leader to adjust the distance from stage to objective, so that enable using for different thickness workpiece. Quickly and effectively locate the observation part of workpiece by moving the mechanical stage. The motion of the focusing is roll that the roller bearing moved guiding the trigon slideway, so that the moving process is smooth. This is ideal optical instrument for checking and measure in the field of precision part, integrated circuit, packing material etc.




  • Color corrected infinity optical system

  • Ergonomic design, low location of coaxial focus system

  • Wide field, excellent image and high resulition

  • LED and halogen lamp for options

  • Complete optional accessories


Optional Model:


  • ICM-100

  • ICM-100BD

Industrial Inspection Microscope ICM-100, ICM-100BD

ICM-100 BD Diagram.jpg
ICM-100 Dimensions.jpg

ICM-100BD Configurations

ICM-100 Configurations

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