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XTL series stereo zoom microscopes are a kind of positive image microscope, they are adopted horizontal knob to zoom control, they have long working distance, clear and smooth image quality, wide field, convenience operation etc. They can be used for culture and education, scientific research, farming and forestry, electronics and precision machine industries widely.




  • Eyepieces field is wide and clear.

  • Objectives range of zoom magnification  0.7X~4.5X

  • Optical tube, 45° inclination. can be rotated 360°, interpupillary distance and eyepieces diopter can be adjusted, interpupillary distance adjustable range from 55mm~75mm.


Optional Model:

  • XTL-1A

  • XTL-1B

  • XTL-1C


Stereo Microscope XTL Series

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XTL diagram
XTL dimensions
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