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Lanoptik Technologies Limited (formerlly named as Lane Optical Technology Co., Ltd.) revolutionized the digital imaging industry with its development of the widely applicable digital camera based on CMOS and CCD technology.


The company continues that tradition of innovation with technological and engineering advances serving the rapidly developing microscopy imaging and industrial vision market. Those markets encompass a range of specific areas where Lanoptik’s products are used, including microscopy imaging, machine vision, and intelligent transport system. Lanoptik is the Chinese leader in developing and manufacturing comprehensive digital microscope camera, industrial camera and imaging solutions for today’s increasingly requirement of digital imaging technology.


Lanoptik develops and distributes instruments for image acquisition and image processing in industrial and scientific applications. Intelligent image processing technologies increasingly permit implementation of new data acquisition methods and more efficient work process design in the fields of industrial production, medicine and research as well as safety engineering.


Lanoptik brings an in-depth understanding of the regulatory, compliance, and digital imaging industry environment. The company is a CE and FCC certified company with all products certified under the most stringent US, Asian, and European safety and environmental regulations.




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