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XJL-20 Inverted metallurgical microscope is equipped excellent UIS optical system and modularization function design so that update system expediently and achieved polarization, dark field observation. Compact and steady main frame body is embodiment for the shock resistance. The ideal ergonomic design is adopted in this unit and has easier operation and wider space. This is ideal optical instrument for micro observation in metallographic structure and surface morphology. It is suitable for research in metallography, mineralogy, precision engineering, etc.




  • UIS optical system and modularization funciton design

  • Ergonomic design, low location of coaxial focus system

  • 6V 30W halogen lamp, brightness control.

  • Complete optional accessories

Optional Model:


  • XJL-20

  • XJL-20 BD

Inverted Metallurgical Microscope XJL-20

XJL-20 Diagram.jpg
XJL-20 Dimentions.jpg

XJL-20DIC Configurations

XJL20BD Configurations

XJL-20 Configurations

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